Harness the power of a VoIP telephone services to make significant cost savings and create a greater business presence with VoIP calls from wherever you are. With our hosted solutions from VIPVoIP we can talor a solution to you and your business needs. Whether you run a small or medium sized business, our multi-user VoIP services deliver market leading technology that comes with a whole host of benefits.

  • As many phone numbers as you like with any area codes you like
  • Each phone number can be controlled independently and can be tagged with a label
  • Automatic call forwarding to mobiles (or to a virtual receptionist) if a call cannot be answered
  • Run conference calls for internal and external participants
  • Central phone directory – propagated to all phones
  • Telephone number black-listing
  • Use your smartphone as a business telephone extension
  • Hosted VoIP telephone services, cuts down cost on expensive hardware.
  • Call recording

If you are a sole trader working form home or out and about then publishing your mobile or home phone number is never ideal. So why not get a proper business telephone number, our hosted VoIP telephone services, can divert your calls to your mobile or provide you with a VoIP phone to work over your home internet connection. We will setup everything for you all you need do is plug in and pick the calls as they come in.

What are VoIP telephone services?

For those who have been using the old standard model of PBX VoIP, the idea of switching to a hosted VoIP service may sound intimidating. However, just because something is new and seems complicated does not mean that it is not actually beneficiary, since in reality hosted VoIP is one of the best small business phone service solutions out there on the market right now. In fact, although large businesses were the first to take advantage of cloud VoIP, the new IP PBX is easily the most beneficial to small businesses.

The way that hosted VoIP works is simple and is based on the use of the Internet instead of standard phone lines. Instead of phone calls being forwarded through a network that exists within a business of cords and wires, the cloud VoIP business telephone system operates via the Internet assigning your office a phone number that can be accessed from around the world.

In fact, anywhere that there is an Internet connection, you can direct phone calls all from the same number opening up a cost effective way to branch out without physically changing location or forcing others to move to your office area. Small business VoIP has proved to be very effective for small businesses that outsource work and tasks, because then when an issue arises that needs to be answered by a member of staff that does not work at the actual physical office location, it can simply be routed to them over the Internet.

The customer does not know that they are being redirected over the Internet, and will not experience any disruption during the call. This allows you to maintain the image of a large company without paying for the office space and makes outsourcing a natural task that will help keep other bills low.


Other services we offer are ICT support services.

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