ICT Support Services

We offer several variations of ICT support services to suit your business needs and help you grow with them. We can provide simple ad-hoc support to proactive remote support and onsite support, or you may just want some expert advice. SupPortal UK are here to provide a solution catered for you and your business.

Computer and network problems can really impact on how a business performs on a day to day basis. That’s why we know how important it is to keep your systems running. We offer 3 types of support package:

Ad-Hoc Support

Support just when you need it, this works best for small businesses of less than 5 users. You will have telephone, remote access or onsite support. Just contact our Helpdesk team to resolve your issues for a fixed incident fee.

Proactive Remote Support

Available as part of our managed service packages, we can proactively manage your IT system and fix errors before they impact on your business. You will receive telephone and remote support for all issues that arise, based on a per workstation and server pricing model.

Proactive Onsite Support

This is our premium support package designed for businesses that require just that little bit more from their IT service provider. You will get all the same features available to subscribers of the Proactive Remote Support package plus onsite support should the incident require it. We will also visit your site throughout the year so we can carry out physical inspections of your IT equipment. These visits are an ideal time to discuss with users any issues that they may be experiencing but have yet to report to us.


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