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At SupPortal UK, we work with companies of all sizes to significantly reduce their vulnerability by implementing the Cyber Essentials Assurance Framework; a world-leading, cost-effective assurance mechanism designed to demonstrate to customers and stakeholders that you’ve implemented the most important and basic cybersecurity controls.


As an ICT managed service provider (MSP), our aim is to bring you outstanding IT support services that make your life easier and more productive. Our mantra is to Manage, Inform, Educate and Maintain you and your business needs. We hope to take the stress out of poorly managed IT and put you back in control of your business.


Manage your IT systems, so you can get the best use out of them. With over 20 years’ experience in IT Management our consultants can best advise what is most appropriate for your business.


Inform you on how your systems are performing, for better or for worse. We employ the latest in secure remote management technologies. As a result, our technicians will be the first to be alerted to any problems.


Educate you on the latest technologies or cyber threats and how to protect your business. Our blog is always full of useful information to help educate you.


Maintain your systems, so that they always give you the performance you need. Patch management is one of the key elements that really makes a difference to how your systems perform.


“Pasionate about keeping your business safe”

Certified ECSA Practical Version 10

Richard’s career began long before cyber security was ever an issue. Back in the 90’s cyber security attracts were relatively new, when viruses only spread via floppy disks and were easy to track and control.

However, as we know, this changed.

Growing from having just 5 PC’s in 1994 to 40 PCs in 2003, Richard found himself on the cutting edge of cyber security, as his employer, in partnership with Siemens, required them to work closely with GCHQ to respond to potential vulnerabilities.

Shaping his career, cyber security and building IT systems became Richard’s main focus. In 2007, Richard worked with Diplomat to create the first-ever online booking systems for taxi and private hire vehicles, including the first national passenger booking apps and fully responsive online booking websites.

When the company took on a large contract for BP, Richard built the comprehensive security features that give BP the confidence they needed to protect the location of staff using private fleet vehicles in dangerous countries. This included working closely with BP to ensure systems were properly integrated.

Now working within his own company, Richard continues to work on challenging projects for a variety of companies throughout the world. Richard continues to monitor advances in Cyber Security to make sure his clients are always protected and are implementing the very best protection.  He writes a regular blog on latest trends and is always happy to answer your questions on cyber security.