WannaCry – Call to Action

I’m sure you’re all aware of the ransomware attack that occurred over the weekend, affecting organisations all over the country, including the NHS, and thousands of businesses across Europe.

This particular attack was enabled by an NSA-built piece of malware, that is particularly aggressive in its infection method, and looking past the usual media hype, you really should be concerned about it.

Fortunately, Microsoft have released patches for all Windows operating systems, including unsupported versions. It is essential that all patches are installed on all of your computers and servers A.S.A.P.

Your servers and computers are at risk unless patched, so please make sure you take action as soon as is possible.

The National Cyber Security Centre has just released the following guidance for both end users, and enterprises, and is worth reading:

I have also included the links for the emergency Microsoft patches below. You should however be able to install these using Windows Update as usual:

If you have any questions about this attack, or ransomware in general, please get in touch!

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