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Protecting Businesses from the Threat of Cyber Crime


Security breaches from cybercriminals, viruses, malware and even employees put our businesses at risk every day. In fact, more than half of UK businesses are affected by Cyber Crime each year, at a cost of £29.1 billion.

Unfortunately, it’s not a case of ‘if’ you’ll be a victim, but ‘when’ you’ll be a victim.

At SupPortal UK, we work with companies of all sizes to significantly reduce their vulnerability by helping them achieve Cyber Essentials Certification; a cost effective government backed scheme, designed to demonstrate to customers and stakeholders that you have implemented the most important and basic cyber security controls.

If you would like to discuss working with us, we invite you to book a 30-minute no obligation diagnostic call. During this call, we'll explore your current challenges, investigate what is needed and identify key actions you need to take.


As an ICT managed service provider (MSP), our aim is to bring you outstanding IT support services that make your life easier and more productive. Our mantra is to Manage, Inform, Educate and Maintain you and your business needs. We hope to take the stress out of poorly managed IT and put you back in control of your business.


Manage your IT systems, so you can get the best use out of them. With over 20 years’ experience in IT Management our consultants can best advise what is most appropriate for your business.


Inform you on how your systems are performing, for better or for worse. We employ the latest in secure remote management technologies. As a result, our technicians will be the first to be alerted to any problems.


Educate you on the latest technologies or cyber threats and how to protect your business. Our blog is always full of useful information to help educate you.


Maintain your systems, so that they always give you the performance you need. Patch management is one of the key elements that really makes a difference to how your systems perform.

As an ICT Managed Service Provider based in Southampton, UK we are more than happy to come and see you and discuss your ICT needs. We believe that a face to face approach is the best way to understand our customers and their business better.Please look at the services that we offer, or contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.





We know how critical your business systems are and how vulnerable they can be. Security breaches from cyber criminals, viruses, malware and even your employees can lose you hours of productivity. We offer varying degrees of security products to fit in with your business needs.


IT Consulting for security, systems and intrastructure SupPortal UK has over 20 years’ worth of knowledge and experience in IT Consulting, based in Southampton and covering the South East, we can help your company grow by improving your systems and processes.


Our business continuity services offer a range of backup and recovery options, with cyber crime on the increase every business needs to be prepared.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

You are an essential ingredient in our ongoing effort to fight cyber threats